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Solar Frameless Glass Panel Thin Film Clamp

Thin Film Solar Panel Clamp is designed to clamp frameless panel and Thin Film Panel,it is compatible for first solar/solar frontier etc thin film panel,frameless panel like Jinko Bifacial Module,Trina Solar frameless Panel etc.
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Product Details

Landpower Efficient Thin Film Clamps

Thin film solar panel clamps can be used for kinds of the specification of thin-film solar module or glass unframed solar modules. Rubber in middle will protect thin-film solar panels well. Appropriate clamping force does not damage solar modules and can prevent the solar panel moving effectively.

Product name
Comercial Solar Frameless Glass Panel Thin Film Clamp
High Class Anodized Aluminum
Solar Panel Thickness
5-7 mm thin film solar panel/as your request
Module Orientation
Applicable Module
Frameless Such as:Canadia Solar; Jinko Solar;Solar First;
Wind speed
Up to 60m/s
Snow load
Up to 1.4KN/M2
12 years in material, 25 years lifespan

Detail Pictures:

thin film clamp

frameless end/mid clamp

first solar end/mid clamp

Project Cases:

thin film clamp mounting

(Landpower Thin Film Ground Mounting)

thin film clamps

(Landpower Thin Film Tile Roof Mounting)

thin film solar pv mounting

(Landpower Thin Film Flat Roof Mounting)

Landpower design various solar component for roof hooks,earthing system,L feet etc.Please refer to our mounting accessories series for more details.

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.