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Solar Mounting Earthing Systems

Landpower design specially earthing components like grounding clip,earthing lug and bonding jumper to ground the solar system up to ensure the systems save.
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Landpower Earthing(grounding) System ensures solar pv system grounding up, our specially design mid/end clamp ground clip with sharp point on four coroners to destroy anodized film from rail and solar panel frame, which making the panels and mounting rail become a conduction circles.In addition the bonding jumper connected between two rails and the earthing lug holding the copper wire to connect different row of rails, which turn the whole solar pv system into conduction systems. Finally grounding the systems via copper wire.

PV Mounting Earthing Systems Overview:

Solar PV earthing components

solar mounting earthing clip

Why Solar PV System Need Earthing:

In Solar PV systems, the solar panels are usually mounted in high, exposed locations where they are prone to picking up induced surges from nearby lightning strikes. Utility-interactive inverters are also subjected to surges on utility power lines. In addition, systems using PV power to run computers with hardwired modems are subject to surges from the telephone line. Proper grounding effectively reduces these potential problems and more.

solar mounting earthing accessories

earthing clip

Landpower design various earthing component for grounding like various earthing clip, earthing lug and bonding jumper etc. Please refer to our mounting accessories series for more details.

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.