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Solar PV Earthing Lug

Solar PV Earthing Lug is used to mounted on the aluminum rail to hold the copper grounding wire. It is important member of our earthing family,by using with other earthing components, it make the solar PV systems grounding easy.

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Solar Earthing Lug(or Solar Grounding Lug) is one member of our grounding family, it is designed to mount on the rail to holding ground wire. Earthing lug kit consists of tin plated earthing lug,specially designed washer,stainless steel bolt and pad, the sharp teeth on the washer are constructed to embed into anodized aluminum rail to create grounding path. Using with earthing clip, the earthing lug is easy to attached the copper ground wire,no need to run ground wire from every single module, it makes the earthing systems easy and simple.


Solar PV earthing lug

Technical Information

Item Name:

Solar Mounting Earthing/Grounding Lug


Stainless Steel 304/ Aluminum 6005 T5

Surface Settlement:

Tin Plated


Roof Rail, Ground Rail, Flat Roof Triangle etc.


12 years with 25 year lifespan


The Structure of Earthing Lug

The whole Solar Earthing lug set is including washer, lay-in earthing lug, stainless steel bolt and stainless steel pad.

 solar mounting earthing lug

Solar Earthing Lug Application

It is easy to make entire Solar PV Array Grounding, Just simply mount the earthing lug on the end of each mounting rail, then tighten the hex bolt. It will force washer teeth penetrate into the anodized mounting rail, the conductive grounding circle will be made!

solar rail earthing lug

Our Solar Earthing Systems family is including Solar PV Earthing Lug,Solar Earthing Clip,Bonding Jumper and Various Cable Clips. Please free feel to click here Solar Earthing Systems to learn more entire earthing system.

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.